Ebru is the art of creating patterns and designs on water and then transferring the

designs onto paper, canvas, fabric or any other suitable medium. It is also known as water marbling.

This art form began in Ottoman Turkey and Central Asia. In Turkey, it was used in book binding and as a background for official papers. Gradually, it became an art that would adorn and beautify many walls.

The technique uses water mixed with carrageenan ( a seaweed product) to enhance the water’s viscosity. The pigments are made from natural sources that are usually found in the earth. To help the pigments transfer to the paper, a natural product (ox gall) is used with the pigments. The pigments are sprinkled onto the water using rose twigs and horsehair brushes. The pigments are then shaped into various designs using combs and other tools. Once the design is complete, a sheet of paper is placed on the tray and then gently lifted to reveal the beautiful artwork.

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